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Doula Services

Welcome to my page, I am Taylor Cincore, a Holistic Birth/Postpartum Doula. I am Certified in Childbirth Education and dedicated to empowering women and their families on their childbirth journey's. I have worked in the community for over 3 years as a certified doula, participating in and receiving certification in three different doula programs to ensure the accuracy of my services. Healthy childbirth outcomes are and should remain a priority within our community. I specialize in the principles of the eight laws of health. These principles are vitally important for a healthy pregnancy throughout the birth, postpartum, and healing process. Allow me to assist with accompanying you and your family on one of the most important journeys of your life. Your role will be to trust your body and take the steps needed to follow the eight laws of health leading to a healthy outcome.

What is a Doula?

The word Doula is derived from a greek word "Doule" which means servant-woman. Today the term doula means a trained professional who provides guidance and support to pregnant women.

Why do you need a Doula?

Doulas improve maternal and infant health outcomes. We decrease preterm births, and we increase breast feeding rates. We lower the risks of complications during birth. We make you feel supported, we make you feel heard, and loved. Most importantly we make you feel EMPOWERED.

Eight Laws of Health 
Bodily Exercise
Inhale Pure Air


God's Word 

Benefits of the 8 Laws of Health

Bodily Exercise

-eliminates stress

-tones up muscles

-builds the immune system

-stimulates the production of endorphins. (endorphins act as a natural pain killer)

-helps blood flow

-helps elimination

-helps labor endurance


-improves digestion

-balances nutrients

-builds strong blood

Inhale Pure Air

-increases oxygen supply to blood and body

-purifies the blood

-promotes digestion

-improves sleep

-helps clear mind

-builds immune system


-reduces stress

-promotes good health

-regulates baby's routine

-allows brain to rest

God's Word

-Provides spiritual strength for the day

-Keeps mind clearer

-Helps eliminate stress, worry and fear

-Provides guidance

-Protects baby from the womb


-DO NOT overindulge


-Boosts Mood
-destroys Bacteria
-increases white blood cells; strengthening the immune system
-lows blood pressure
-lowers cholesterol


-Helps circulation and cleansing

-relieves pain

-soothes nerves

-extra water for baby

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