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The Origin of "The Brew"

When I initially came up with the idea of creating tea blends, I was trying to find calm and peace in the midst of this uncertainty that we are all living in now. I found myself dealing with symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety just to name a few. My mission became personal. My focus shifted from feelings of helplessness to becoming proactive for my personal healing. I prayed, meditated, gardened, and began reading books that were already a part of my family library. 

Natural remedies have always been deeply inbred in my gene pool. I became so immersed in reading, studying and blending tea brews, that I realized I couldn’t be selfish with my awakening. I wanted to share the remedies with others that helped me and my family during these odd times. My childhood has been preparing me for this day for a long time. My grandmother, according to my Mom, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, prior to my birth. She changed her diet and became very focused on her personal health, by healing it, as naturally as possible. I was told she was given only six months to live, but with her faith in God, and changing her diet through eating healthier, juicing, and using natural herbs, her six-month life expectancy expanded to almost an additional 10 years of life. 

I am forever grateful. I was provided personal life lessons from my grandmother, and in return, my childhood was filled with her presence. She inspired me, she taught me, and she loved me so unconditionally. Now, I realize that the time spent with her in my life allowed me the time I needed to embrace my natural journey. Her presence in my life has motivated me, and steered my passion for herbs, healing, and healthy living.

As a result, and in her honor “The Brew '' is Birthed!

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